Sarice Amiee Interiors



I discovered my love of interior design and decorating after my husband and I purchased our first home as newlyweds.  We had just moved to Central Texas from Southern California, and it was us against the world! I became passionate about creating a place that was our oasis...a place we could not only find comfort in as we were in a new and strange city, but also a place where we could truly begin our lives together.

The mission of Sarice Amiee Interiors is to provide interior decorating services to help create stylish and functional spaces where one can truly love and appreciate their time at home.


What is E-Design

E-Design is essentially a virtual interior design service in which a design plan is created for a client to implement on their own.  Such a service is perfect for those who either cannot afford expensive full service interior designers or those who prefer to have a more hands on approach to designing their own home.  Yes, you can outsource interior decorating!