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3 Tips For Decorating Your Front Porch With Plants

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We had a party at the house this past weekend, and I spent a good part of the week cleaning the house and preparing to have a crowd of people.  After the party was over, and quite a success might I add, I was horrified to realize that I had spent so much time preparing the house that I had totally neglected our front porch!  The Boston ferns I had planted back in the summer had long since passed away and their droopy, brown leaves said everything besides "welcome to our home!"  With the holidays approaching, and guests a more frequent occurrence, it is time to give your front porch a spruce! Remember it is the first thing your visitors will see when they come to your home.  Here are 3 easy tips for decorating your front porch with plants!

These porch decorating tips will work for those living in a house as well as an apartment - just on a smaller scale, so keep that in mind.  Remember, your front porch or entry is the first thing your guests will see when they visit your home, so don't forget this small but important space like I did!  If you live in a local where you have real winter weather, make sure you relocate your planters into a covered area, like a shed or garage, to protect against a freeze.

1. Height

The prominent height of your planted greenery or the height variance of your greenery will add interest and depth to your front porch.  If you prefer a single porch planter, make it a tall one!  If you prefer smaller potted plants, make them of varied heights.  Here are some great examples.

Source: Lee Ann Thornton Interiors

Love the height of these over-sized planters!

Source: Coastal Living; Designer: Lee Ann Thronton

Boston fern goodness and lovely planters!

Source: Historical Concepts; Designer: Tracery Interiors

2. Color

Whether it be colorful flowers or colorful planters, you can't go wrong with color on your front porch!  You could even change out the colors for different seasons.

Source: London Planters

My favorite: blue and white and Boston ferns! 

Source: Hi Sugarplum!

3. Drama

Sometimes you just want to make a statement!  If it works, go for it!  Life is too short to be boring.

These potted banana leaf plants are anything but subtle!  So fabulous!

Source: Cecy J Interiors

Love the impact of these potted fruit trees! So welcoming.

Source: Lacquered Life

It is clear that you can utilize all of the above tips in a single porch display! You could also simply focus on just height with simple miniature trees flanking your front door.  As you can also see from most of these examples, symmetry of porch planters can be very aesthetically pleasing.  However, there really is no hard rule for this! You could also utilize the rule of three and odd numbers in which one side of your porch could feature three small planters opposite one on the other side; or it could be any combination of odd numbered groupings.  These days anything goes really, so just go for it!  For more help, check out my post on tips for planting a container garden. If you could use some additional help in sprucing up your front porch, let me know!