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Transitioning to Spring and Summer Bedding

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Temperatures are getting warmer and for most, those comforters are now too heavy.  The hubby and I are almost ready to make the switch to something lighter.  Hopefully the switch will also eliminate the almost nightly squabble over whether the or not the air conditioning is needed. Perhaps all you couples know what I'm talking about! Here is a round up of lovely light-weight options.

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When looking for spring and summer bedding, here are some things to consider.

1. 100% Cotton

Covers that are 100% cotton will be more breathable and therefore more efficient in keeping you cool and comfy! Another plus is that 100% cotton is super easy to wash and can be done right at home. Does anyone else hate taking bedding to the cleaners, or is it just me?

2. White

White bedding screams fresh and is a great alternative to dark fall and winter colors. Plus mixing and matching prints and colors with white is a breeze!  I'm definitely one of those white-bedding-all-year-round-people, so I might be biased, but white bedding is definitely a spring and summer must-have!

3. Layers

Do you love to pile on the heavy bedding while your spouse kicks it all off? The easy solution is to layer your bedding.  Start with a cotton flat sheet and then a light coverlet or quilt.  A heavier blanket or even a comforter can then be layered at the foot of the bed for extra warmth when needed. 

My favorite options are this and this. I better make up my mind soon or my hubby will keep turning up the air conditioning.  Ever heard of frostbite in April?!