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Look For Less! Vol. II

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There are so many talented interior designers out there!  I have a list about a mile long of all those I admire, one of which being Shea McGee.  I was recently admiring her portfolio and I came across a rug she utilized in a small siting room.  The rug was simple, but intricate in print design at the same time.  It was the type of rug I would totally pick out for my own home.  As I continued to admire it, I realized that I had seen a very similar rug recently as well! And lucky for you, I am going to share it for today's Look for Less! (See Vol. I of Look for Less here).

a. RugsUSA Surya Smithsonian SM12113 5x8 | b. Urbn Outfitters Plum  Bow Euphrates Printed Rug 5x7

While the quality of the rugs are quite different, the print design is very similar and for a fraction of the cost!  See how Shea used it here in this sitting room? The blue print adds dimension to the space while keeping it light and bright at the same time.

Source: Studio McGee

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