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Retailer Spotlight Vol. II: Society Social

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I have a truly fabulous retailer to share with you today! Introducing Society Social!!!  This retailer oozes freshness, exuberance, color, and fun!  I can't wait to utilize their products in a client design, especially one of their famous bar carts! 

Society Social was founded by Roxy Te, who is also the head designer of all Society Social products.  The birth of Society Social took place in August of 2011 with the crafting of six unique bar carts.  The demand and popularity was enormous and the rest was history!  All of their products are one-of-a-kind designs and everything is made or finished to order.  What more could you ask for?!

Products range from furniture, decor, entertaining and gifts, art, and even a vintage section.  It was almost impossible to pick my favorites, but here are some of the items I loved the most, and there are a lot of them! I included some of the stylized shots of the products I've listed as well - more to drool over.  Grab a snack because you might be here for a bit!


All of their sofas can be customized with many fabric types and colors! The possibilities are endless.

Source: Society Social

These chairs are so charming!

Source: Society Social

This chair is currently sold out, but I absolutely love the frame design!

Source: Society Social

So many fab tables to choose from! 

Source: Society Social

Stools galore! I want them all. 

Source: Society Social

And of course, here is one of their famous bar carts!! If we didn't have a butler's pantry in our home, I would totally love to use one of these beauties.  Some of the more simple styles could potentially function as a side table as well.  

Source: Society Social


The decor selection is enormous! You could easily decorate your whole house exclusively with products from Society Social.  

Source: Society Social

I hope you've enjoyed all my favorite picks from the fabulous Society Social!  I love how polished all the products are and the chinoiserie flair.  I am considering a number of their tables for my office - I love this one!  Find anything you like?  I can help you integrate it into your home (hint hint) - email me!

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