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Client E-Design: Eclectic Den

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I have another client e-design for you today!  You might remember this den from a past post: 3 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces.  Using those tips, I was able to create a space that was better suited for its small dimensions.  

If you recall, my client Janet had a small den space that she wanted to completely overhaul.  The only item to remain in the room was the aqua colored sofa.  Everything else was fair game!

Here are the before pictures to refresh your memory.

Yes, it is a very small space with dimensions of about 12x11.  One of the walls consists of a sliding glass door and a very small closet, which leaves only three walls to work with.  The room layout would remain the same with the sofa on the longest wall opposite the french door entry.

Do you remember the 3 tips I followed in re-designing this space?  1) Utilize furniture with a smaller footprint; 2) Pick the right rug size for your space; and 3) Don't neglect the walls.

Janet wanted a den with eclectic flair and I had a blast coming up with this e-design.  Here is the original mood board I sent over.  

As you can see, I utilized a colorful, eclectic rug to bring some fun to the space, a glass coffee table to lighten up the visual footprint of the small room, and some fun starburst mirrors for the wall.  I'm in love with the throw pillows (remember that Moroccan wedding blanket pillow from this post?) I included in the design as well!  Below is the first design board I created.

Janet was so happy with the direction the design was going (always a great thing to hear from a client, right?!).  After much discussion, we decided that the hexagonal coffee table (remember it from this look for less post?) wasn't 100% to our liking and that a rectangular coffee table would be more suitable.  Janet also wanted some other media console, ottoman, and rug options, so it was back to the drawing board.  Here was the second round design board I sent over.

The replacement coffee table was the perfect dimensions for the space, plus it had just the right amount of feminine and eclectic flair with its faux bamboo legs!  The gold garden stools replaced the upholstered ottomans and were also a hit.  The rug was a bit more muted in color, but still had the wonderful eclectic nature that Janet was hoping for.  Plus, it complemented the sofa color perfectly.  The only remaining question mark was the media console.  While all of the options I presented were deemed alright, Janet had something more "old world" in mind.  In a lucky find (I rhymed!), Janet discovered a console cabinet in a local global imports store!  Here is her final eclectic den design board.

The new media console has a nice blue hue that works great with the other blues in the design, and it was the perfect finish to Janet's eclectic den.  I can't wait to see pictures of the finished room and I of course will share them on the blog!