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Look For Less! Vol. III - Chinese Chippendale Chair

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I have a fabulous look for less for you today! Last week on Instagram (are you following me?! you should be!!), I posted a snapshot of some of my blue and white porcelain collection as well as my bright, coral colored Chinese Chippendale chair!  I had many comments regarding my Chinese Chippendale chair and so today's look for less will reveal splurge and save versions of this lovely style chair.

I am a full-blown chinoiserie lover.  I like to think of my style as coastal chinoiserie.  Most of my home incorporates shades of blues, including turquoise, and coral.  This snapshot I shared on Instagram shows off a little bit of this color palette.  Check out my gorgeous chippendale chair! Isn't she a beauty?!     

Chinese Chippendale chairs are classic and can be utilized in many interior styles.  I've seen them in numerous finishes.  Here are some gorgeous examples.

Source: Lonny

Source: Jessica Buckley via Apartment Therapy

Chinese Chippendale chairs can be quite expensive.  However, the good news is that they can also be found a a great range of price points!  See for yourself!


a. Jonathan Adler | b. Charlotte & Ivy | c. Wisteria | d. Ballard Designs | e. Ballard Designs

Fabulous right?! The Jonathan Adler Chinese Chippendale Chair is the crème de la crème of the style.  If you see a Chinese Chippendale chair in a luxury interior space and it is not vintage, it is most likely Jonathan Adler.  Of course it is also the most expensive.  Amazingly, many of the other options are so close in design, you wouldn't notice the difference for the most part! Take a closer look at the high and low price points...

a. Jonathan Adler | b. Ballard Designs

That is a savings of over five hundred dollars!!! My own coral colored Chinese Chippendale chair is the look for less version! I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Have you found yourself drooling over Chinese Chippendale chairs now? Go for it! They blend seamlessly with any style interior and are so architecturally pleasing to look at.  Let me know if I can even help you integrate one of these beauties into your home!