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Faux Fur Stools - A Love Story

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In case you've been living under a rock, I'm here to tell you that faux fur is IN.  In a big way.  This trend has been very popular among retailers specifically in the form of seating: stools, benches, and the like.  I've always admired the texture that faux fur introduced into a space, in addition to the whimsical airiness of the look.  Have you also been an admirer or the faux fur seating?  You're in luck as I have rounded up a large number of options for you to shop the trend.  I also have a faux fur fairy tale to share, a love story if you will.  Seriously!

So, faux fur stools.  DROOL.  I can't get enough of them.  They blend seamlessly into any style space and just look AWESOME for goodness sake.

Faux fur looks great in a youth space...

Source: Claire Stanly via Decorist

Also looks fab in common living spaces...

Source: Sally Wheat Interiors

Basically they'd look amazing anywhere.  Even a nursery?? Yes, why not?! The texture would be fascinating for baby and the soft, airiness would lend itself nicely to nursery decor.  This was my mindset when I knew I somehow had to snag some faux fur stools or ottomans for my baby's nursery (btw my nursery design progress is going great-- I hope to reveal my design plans on the blog SOON!).  So, I've been obsessively scouring the internet for options...and boy are there tons of options...but I'll get to those in a second.  First please indulge me in my faux fur stool love story.  

So I'd been searching for weeks.  Waiting for retailer sales...yet failing to pull the trigger on anything.  I knew that I still had time to find something so the situation wasn't yet desperate.  I figured I could always just purchase the matching ottoman that came with my chosen glider.  But somehow I felt something better was out there.  Waiting for me....


Yes, this is yet another tale of magic luck at Home Goods.  I stopped in one of the area Home Goods after a client meeting, figuring I'd do a quick circle of the store to check out the goodies.  I grabbed a cart and as soon as I passed through the sliding doors, I gasped out loud at what I saw.

I couldn't believe it! I walked cautiously over to them and sure enough, there was a note on them that said "shopping."  Ok, so they were on hold.  Disappointed, I made my circle of the store, taking my time, hoping that the stools would still be there after I made my loop.  THEY WERE.  I politely asked one of cashier's to check how long the magic stools had been on hold.  It was my lucky day as it had been over two hours (Home Goods only puts items on hold for 2 hours max...FYI), and the stools were now released. TO ME.  I gleefully started loading them into my cart (all the while trying to ignore the eye daggers from 2 other shoppers who apparently had been eyeing them).  Of course it was only after I loaded the fur stools into my cart did I check the price tag.  I almost choked.  Each faux fur stool was $49.99!!! For real!! 

Aren't they amazing!?

I couldn't believe my luck.  

I can't wait to incorporate them into my baby's nursery! And one day, these faux fur beauties may just find their way into my master bedroom...who knows!

So, you may not get as lucky as I was to find fax fur stools at your own local Home Goods.  However, my homework will now benefit you in knowing where you can find faux fur stools at popular retailers.  Behold!

a. CB2 | b. Fabulous Furs | c. Overstock | d. Grandin Road | e. Anthropologie | f. Pottery Barn Kids | g. West Elm | h. World Market | i. Horchow | j. Society Social | k. Pottery Barn | l. Z Gallerie | j. Z Gallerie

I hope you found something you like!! Need help incorporating a faux fur stool into your space? Let me know!