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Etsy Finds Vol. V: Hayley Mitchell

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I have been browsing Etsy a lot lately - looking for the perfect art for the nursery.  As soon as I came across the talented artist Hayley Mitchell, I knew I had struck gold!  Her amazing work is today's installment of Etsy finds

Hayley has a love of painting dramatic female faces; they are bold, sassy, and super unique! I love her use of color and her work would make a big impact in any space.  See what I mean!?

Source: Hayley Mitchell 

Source: Hayley Mitchell

Hayley also paints beautiful figures as well as floral and abstract pieces.

Source: Hayley Mitchell

Although the above pieces are truly beautiful, I was completely captivated by her Moth Series.  The colors! The brush strokes! So much variety!  As soon as I saw her gorgeous moth pieces, I knew they would be a perfect fit for the nursery.  The graphic shapes and colors would be enthralling for a baby.  Plus, they would be the perfect art to transition from nursery to little girl's room.  Winning!

Source: Hayley Mitchell

Isn't Hayley's moth series stunning?! I can't wait for you to see how this art works into the nursery design (stay tuned!!).

Prints are sold from Hayley's Etsy site and original works can be purchased on her website.  Also, check out her instagram here!

Turns out Hayley is based out of Austin! I love supporting local artists!