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E-Design Reveal Photos: Girly Chinoiserie Nursery

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The time has come for my little girl's nursery reveal!  Everything turned out just as I had imagined.  The only thing missing is my little gal- less than a month to go!

Back in early March, I revealed the e-design board for my girly chinoiserie nursery.  Everything went according to my design plan perfectly! Sometimes you can be your own worst client, but I'm pleased to say for this particular project, this wasn't the case.  The vision I had in my head of my little girl's nursery came to life seamlessly.  To refresh your memory, here is my e-design board for the girly chinoiserie nursery.

  As you can see, my basic color scheme is blue, white, and pink.  I designed the entire nursery around the beautiful rug of dreams (obsessed!); it sure is a fantastic statement piece for the entire room!  Because the rug is so powerfully pink I kept other pink-colored accents to a minimum.  Navy blue was my main accent color with white furniture providing a clean contrast.  

Enough talk for now...lets get to some photos!

Girly Chinoiserie Nursery 8 -- Sarice Amiee Interiors.png

I think my favorite parts of the nursery, aside from the rug, is the beautiful moth art series by Hayley Mitchell and the adorable, gold bow knobs on the dresser.  I can see them in little girl's room as she grows up!

I hope you enjoyed my girly chinoiserie nursery reveal! Check out my Instagram for source details!  Soon I'll be taking a bit of a blogging hiatus, but once things settle down (as much as they can anyway) with our new little one, I'll be back with my weekly blogging.