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Where To Buy Affordable Wall Art

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After my husband and I moved into our home, I quickly realized that I hated empty walls.  Having moved from a 2 bedroom apartment into a 3,800 square foot house, we definitely did not own enough art to cover all those blank white walls.  Aside from furnishing the place, it became my goal to fill up those white spaces without breaking the bank.  Today I'm going to share some of my favorite places to buy affordable wall art!

Just like house plants, art breathes life and character into a home!  I knew that to make our new home feel homey and inviting, I had to focus on wall art in addition to furnishings.  When I first began my search for art, I quickly realized that art. is. expensive.  So in order to minimize the cost of curating a nice art collection, I decided up front to limit the cost of any one piece of art to fifty dollars.  Yes. Just fifty dollars.  This number was not based off anything really and was pretty arbitrary, but I wanted to stick with it.  My self imposed art price limit automatically narrowed down my art search using a few very important factors:

1) No Original Art

Original art pieces were pretty much off the table.  While I absolutely love original art works, they just did not fall under my $50 limit.  Thus, I was focused on choosing from art prints (printed reproductions of original art).  Though, sometimes I've gotten lucky and purchased original art pieces directly from local artists while traveling.

2) Unframed

For the most part, art had to be purchased unframed.  Art bought framed increases the price drastically.  I have found some exceptions, but every art piece I've purchased was unframed.  So what did I do? I learned to mat and frame my own art!  The cost of purchasing your own frames and mats to frame at home is much MUCH cheaper than paying someone else to do it.

3) Smaller art size

Obviously, the cost of art increases as the size increases.  Due to my $50 limit, I usually had to sacrifice art print size.  An 8x10 art print can still make a statement in a space with some framing tricks.  For example if you increase the mat size, an art piece can have a larger footprint on a wall and add some visual variety!  Also, compiling a gallery wall of smaller sized prints can take care of one entire wall span.

After three years of living in our home, I've become quite proud of the art collection I've curated!  Now all my hard work is now to your benefit.  Below are some of my favorite places to buy affordable wall art.

a. Cool tone abstract | b. Fern illustration | c. Landscape print |d. Poppies | e. Foliage | f. Duly noted | g. August | h. Black abstract | i. Lunar freefall 2 | j. Nazare | k. Seaweed | l. Wallmo | m. Canada jay | n. Shipping containers | o. Antibes

I can personally vouch for the quality of the art from these retailers!  Not only have I purchased art from them for my own home, but I have sourced art from them for my clients over and over again.  Now go forth and fill your walls!  If you need help curating a wall of art, you know where to find me!

Etsy Finds Vol. III: Artist Janet Hill

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It has been too long since the last Etsy Finds post! (Click here for Etsy Finds Vol. I and Vol. II) Today's Etsy find is a fantastic one!  I am excited to present Canadian artist Janet Hill!  This fab lady is one heck of an artist and I am obsessed with her work.  I have a number of her pieces in my home and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to source her work for a client design.   

Janet Hill's art is wonderfully feminine and whimsical in character.  Many of her paintings are related in a story series, which is very fun to follow when each new series painting comes out.  She also paints lovely floral still life pieces and gorgeous interior spaces.  All of her pieces are high quality giclee prints, and every now and there is usually a small selection of original work as well.  To learn more about Janet Hill and her art, check out this interview on the podcast Smart Creative Women with Monica Lee!

Last year, I fell in love with these two art prints in Janet's shop and purchased them immediately.  

Source: Janet Hill Studio

Aren't they lovely!!  I had a vision of a small gallery wall in our master bedroom over my desk/vanity space.  Her prints fit perfectly in with the group!

p.s. can you tell I love me some Kendra Scott?! #girlcrush

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite pieces from Janet's shop! Each of them would be the perfect complement to any gallery wall. 

Still Life

Source: Janet Hill Studio


Source: Janet Hill Studio


Source: Janet Hill Studio

Whimsy Scenes

Source: Janet Hill Studio

It was so hard to pick which ones to share with you!  They are all so lovely.  I also love all the clever titles of each of her works of art.  So cheeky!  Go ahead and check out Janet Hill's shop on Etsy! Also here is her website, instagram, and facebook.  I also recently discovered she has a small shop on Society 6

P.S. The other art pieces in my little vanity gallery wall include street art I've purchased on my travels, as well as two other amazing Etsy artists I will feature in upcoming Etsy Finds posts!  You don't want to miss out, so stay tuned!

Etsy Find Vol. II: Artist Juliet Ames

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Welcome to another installment of my blog series Etsy Finds!  (You can find last month's Etsy Finds post here.)  Today I am featuring artist Juliet Ames of The Broken Plate Pendant Company!  Juliet makes unique jewelry designs and home goods out of broken china.  The story of how she got started is an interesting one.  After creating a mosaic out of broken china plates, Juliet decided to repurpose some of the leftover broken plate shards into a pendant necklace; and the rest is history! 

Juliet was kind enough to answer some questions for me to share here so we can get to know her better!

1.  What made you decide to pursue art?

 I've always been creative, and not good at much else. Discovered the quickest track out of college was to pursue craft (after being a photo major during a time when digital was making my darkroom training obsolete.)

2.  How did you get started in crafting items from broken china?

In a moment of crafting mania post college, I made a mosaic mailbox from a broken plate that I found at a thrift store. I had a lot of shards left over that were too pretty to toss, so I wrapped it in solder and made it into a necklace. I started getting orders the very next day. 

3.  Where do you find all the china for your projects?

I go to thrift stores and flea markets a lot.  Some just show up on my porch.

4.  What do you draw inspiration from?

I enjoy art with irony and humor.  Art is a pretty silly profession, so I think it's important to not take it too seriously.

5.  Do you have any advice for other creative entrepreneurs?

Take good photos (or pay someone to take good photos).  Don't bother trying to sell art at a food or wine festival.

6.  What are you working on next?

I am working on a series of butcher charts made of broken plates.  Thinks: a patchwork of patter making up a cow.  I'm enjoying making less jewelry and more 2D art.

7.  What are some of your favorite Etsy artists?

Here are a few that just popped up in my favorites. 

You can read more about Juliet on her Etsy site here.

I discovered Juliet's work in my search for the perfect 2nd wedding anniversary gift.  The traditional themed 2nd anniversary gift is cotton.  Last month I wrote about how Moroccan wedding blankets would make an excellent cotton anniversary gift, but in the end I decided to go in a different direction with the modern theme.  The modern themed 2nd anniversary gift is China.  My extensive search led me to Juliet's work and I knew I had found something special!

I decided that I wanted to purchase one of her framed initial china pieces.  I thought that would be a wonderful sentimental gift that would make my husband smile.  Juliet was great throughout the whole process.  I told her what color china I had in mind (blue and white of course) and she immediately told me she had willow patterned china in her collection.  Not knowing what pattern that was, I looked it up and it was gorgeous.  

Here is the pattern in blue and white as well as a multi-colored pattern.

Source: Replacements

Source: Replacements

Turns out there is a legend behind the distinctive willow pattern.  A wealthy man's daughter was betrothed to a powerful Duke, but the daughter was in love with her fathers humble assistant.  The father was enraged and built a high fence around his property to keep the lovers apart.  The night before the daughter was supposed to marry the Duke, she and the assistant ran away together and lived for many happy years.  Eventually the Duke found the two and sent soldiers to kill them.  However as the story goes, the Gods transformed the lovers into a pair of doves so they could fly away and be together forever (read more about the history behind the willow pattern here).  I really like the story behind the china pattern.  The theme that love can overcome anything life throws at you is a good one to remember.  It adds another important sentiment in addition to a reminder of our nuptials!

The finished piece turned out beautifully and my husband loved it!  The frame includes hardware to hang on the wall, but I liked how it looked in my built-ins.  I smile at it every time I walk by!

Thanks again Juliet for the wonderful china art piece! It was a pleasure working with you on it.

There are many other great pieces in Juliet's shop that would make good gifts.  And what is amazing is that she can customize any item just for you.  You can request a certain color scheme and she will share what options she has.  Perhaps you have family heirloom china and you are looking to repurpose it - she can do that too!  The possibilities are endless.

These earrings are so pretty.

Source: TheBrokenPlate

Such unique necklaces that would be one of a kind.

Source: TheBrokenPlate 

China cuff links would also make a wonderful 2nd wedding anniversary gift! I picked out a pair to give my husband along with the framed china initial art piece and he loved them!

Source: TheBrokenPlate

Here is another example of one of Juliet's lovely framed china initial art pieces.  The customization options really are limitless.

Source: TheBrokenPlate

You can also customize a framed china state of your choice! This Texas one is particularly lovely.  A gallery wall of numerous states that hold specific significance would be a great gift.  

Source: TheBrokenPlate

Love these wine stoppers! Such a cool idea.

Source: TheBrokenPlate

Take a look at Juliet's Etsy shop for yourself.  She has many wonderful item in stock including jewelry and home items such as 2D art.  Those wine stoppers are gorgeous! They would make a unique wedding gift.  Plus, many items are 30% off right now- go check it out!

Find Juliet on her website, facebook, and intagram!

Etsy Find Vol. I: Artist Michelle Morin

Design InspirationSarice GutmanComment is an amazing resource.  I shop on Etsy quite often for home decor, art and gifts! I am going to start a new series on the blog to highlight some of the great finds I have found on Etsy in the past, as well as new Etsy finds I discover.

Etsy is a fabulous place to purchase art. Whether it be prints or original pieces, there is a large inventory of art to choose from.  Today I am going to feature an artist I discovered last year: Michelle Morin.  Her Etsy shop is called United Thread.  She paints mostly nature using watercolor and gouache on paper and canvas.  You can learn more about her background on her website.  

Michelle's work has a lot of depth and layer to it. I find that I can look at a piece multiple times and see something different every time!  Her work also has so much color and life and any of her pieces would make a wonderful addition to any interior.  Now for some eye candy!

This piece is called Summers End.  I love how vibrant it is!

Source: United Thread

Bird Sanctuary at Night- this one would make quite an impact with its bold color.

Source: United Thread

I also love this one titled Hummingbird and Joshua Tree.

Source: United Thread

Last year I purchased several of Michelle's pieces for my own home.  I love the detail in each one.

Botanicals No. 2.

Source: United Thread

Cactus Trio.

Source: United Thread

Engelmann's Hedgehog Cactus.

Source: United Thread

Tree Peony.

Source: United Thread

One of Michelle's most recent works, Hummingbirds, was listed for purchase a couple weeks ago.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it would make the most perfect Mother's Day gift for my Mom! And I was right- she loved it!  Just look at all the vibrant color. If you squint,  you can almost see a flock of beautiful hummingbirds flying in front of you.

Source: United Thread

Michelle also has a second Etsy shop called MichelleMorinArt which features mainly landscapes.  These two are my favorite!

Meadow with Thistle.

Source: MichelleMorinArt

Floral Bluff.

Source: MichelleMorinArt

Michelle's talent is undeniable. I am so glad I came across her artwork on Etsy! Her art pieces will no doubt find their way into some of my client designs.  As for my own home, I have my eye on this one next!

Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Source: United Thread

Can't get enough of her work? Follow her on instagram (@Michelle_Morin)!

If you have a wonderful Etsy find of your own you'd like to share, feel free to leave a comment or email me directly!