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Small Bathroom Remodel Reveal

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I'm so excited to show you my finished small bathroom remodel! It turned out exactly how I envisioned.  White paint just fixes everything in my opinion.  Can't wait for you to see it!

Let's refresh our memory of how my half bathroom looked before the remodel.

These pictures bring back all the negative feelings I had about the old bathroom - the too-modern-for-our-taste above counter sink, the dark oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, and the black finish vanity cabinet.  Lets not forget the textured wall finish.  I am so happy to be rid of it all!  

The design board I drew up was followed pretty much exactly.  This was what I settled on for my design plan.  As you can see, I decided to go with my new Teil Duncan print.

  And here we go...the final product!!  Welcome to my newly finished small bathroom remodel.

Sources: art print | white vanity | bone inlay mirror | light fixture | faucet | towel ring 

Every time I walk past the bathroom, I can't help but grin from ear to ear! The white smooth walls and crisp white vanity are so fresh.  The brushed nickel finishes are spot on with the rest of our house.  The herringbone bone inlay mirror has a fresh coastal vibe which coincides with my home decor style.  And my Teil Duncan print brings a pop of vibrant color.  I am so pleased with the transformation!

Are you fed up with your bathroom like I was?  Let me help you make it beautiful!

Small Bathroom Remodel Design Plan

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When my husband and I bought our house, we had to decide what was highest in priority in regards to updating.  Painting the entire interior, top to bottom, was numero uno!  Our house had so many different colored rooms, and it was making us crazy.  I spent a week agonizing over the perfect color white (did you know Benjamin Moore has over 150 shades of white to choose from?!).  White makes everything look clean and fresh.  There is something about the bright and airy feeling of white that I will always be drawn to.  White walls, white shelves, white doors, white kitchens, white get the picture.  So, when the time came to re-evaluate what else we needed to update in the house, there was no doubt that our outdated downstairs half bathroom would also be WHITE.

Here are some pictures of our half bathroom right now.

Now at quick glance, our half bathroom seems perfectly fine.  The old vanity and fixtures the previous owner installed are functional and we could truly leave the bathroom the way it is.  However, there is one aspect about the half bath that honestly makes me cringe.  The previous owners had the drywall custom hand textured.  While that style may be nice for some individuals, the scrappy, uneven, bumpy surface texture is enough to make me want to gag!

Lucky for me, that is about to change.  Our contractor will soon be sanding down those walls and making them match the rest of the house.  My blood pressure thanks him already.  Now, while we're fixing those walls, I thought it would also be a great time to update the bathroom vanity and all the fixtures to match the style of the rest of the house.  The above counter sink is too modern for our taste, and the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and hardware clash with the rest of our house.  My vision for the bathroom is the complete opposite in style!  Here are some inspiration photos of the design style I'm coveting.

Source: A Thoughtful Place

So that is where I'm headed.  Clean, white walls, white vanity, and brushed nickel finishes.  Though with white I often like to have a darker color present to ground the space and so the eye has somewhere to rest.  I decided to bring that color in with the mirror.  I had been eyeing a certain mirror for a while, but didn't have anywhere to use it until now!  Herringbone and bone inlay... I absolutely love it.

Source: West Elm

Of course I drew up design plans for the half bath to get a good visual of everything together.  Note that the sink I chose will be square instead of round.  I'm still deciding on wall art and I have a few options.

I love the pops of pink in this design option.  I wonder how much convincing I'll have do with my husband.

Maybe the fern prints would be an easier sell.

I'm also leaning toward putting up my new Teil Duncan print.  LOVE her work. Seems like I'm starting a collection. 

Which art prints do you think I should choose for my new half bathroom?  I will reveal the finished bathroom in a month or so!  Maybe I've inspired you to give your outdated bathroom a face lift? Let me know, I'd love to help.