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Christmas Envy: Tablescape Tips

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Christmas is days away and I'm sure many are still planning out their Christmas table.  I have a few tips that may help!

Here are three tablescape tips that can be utilized for any occasion, not just Christmas! 

1) Use a table runner

A table runner will help corral your table decorations similar to how a tray helps confine decor on a coffee table.  By placing your tablescape decor only on the table runner, you will keep your table looking tidy and clean.  A colorfully printed table runner will also add another element of depth to your entire table decoration!

Source: Charmed Events

2) Use decor of varying heights

One of my number one pet peeves of table decor is utilizing arrangements that are too high!  There is nothing worse than sitting down to a special meal with family and not being able to see your loved one.  Height is ok, but keep it on the low side.  By varying the heights of your tablescape decor, you add additional visual interests to your table.

Source: Charmed Events

3) Keep it simple

Less is more. For real! Don't just pile decorations on your table just because you have it on hand.  Using restraint in your decor will allow the most important thing to shine...the FOOD!  

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Envy: Christmas Trees

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My Christmas envy continues today with Christmas trees! (You can catch my first Christmas Envy post here).  Yes, that's right! I'm a Jew who loves Christmas decorations (#badjew)!  Having never had a Christmas tree, I simply adore the festive decorations used for tree decorating.  Ribbon, ornaments, tinsel, lights, you name it, I love it.  

This post really is all about the pictures.  Let's get to it!

Source: Emily A. Clark

I could look at Christmas trees all day.  I love how the use of color, texture, and lights varies.  So much inspiration that can be applied to other aspects of design.  Hope you enjoyed all the Christmas tree inspiration!

Christmas Envy: Christmas Light Decorations

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Its true.  I love Christmas!  Normally this statement wouldn't be a big deal, except for the little fact that I'm Jewish (!).  But nonetheless, I can't help it.  I absolutely love Christmas! I'm the one who starts listening to Christmas music the day after thanksgiving.  I love asking friends about their Christmas plans.  And of course, I LOVE Christmas decorations!  Leading up to Christmas, I am going to blog about what I love and envy most about Christmas.  Today, I'm going to gush about Christmas lights!

Despite the fact that my husband teases me about my Christmas envy, my love for beautiful Christmas decorations remains unchanged.  I especially love looking at Christmas lights this time of year.  Twinkly icicle lights hanging from the eves, tree branches fully wrapped in colorful glow, and welcoming, brightly lit front porch decorations get me every time. 

Christmas light decorations just add a whole other level of welcome to a home.  The addition of up-lighting accenting the home's exterior architecture is just gorgeous!

Source: NightVision Outdoor Lighting

Here is another fab example.  So welcoming!

Source: NightVision Outdoor Lighting

How wonderful are these beautifully lit front porch decorations?

Source: Minor Details Interior Design

And how is this for Christmas envy?! Christmas lights + amazing tree house = jealousy!!!  Just spectacular!