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3 Tips for Planting a Container Garden

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A balcony, patio, deck or backyard can be thought of as an extension of your home’s living space.  So, why not decorate this space too?!  Before moving into a single family home, I utilized our apartment’s front porch and balcony by starting my own container garden.  After moving into our new home, I continued my love of container gardening despite gaining a large backyard.  Container gardening is a great way to beautify your outdoor living space with “living décor.”  Here are some tips from my container garden to yours!

1.       Height Variation

An excellent way to add depth and interest to your container garden is to plant items with varying heights.  The tall components create a back drop of sorts for the shorter plants in front; this will help showcase a colorful flower or a plant with funky leaves.

Notice how the purple flowers pop against the taller leaves behind in the picture below!


Sometimes you can work with three height levels as you can see below. In addition to the tall and short heights, I added lower trailing level that adds even more interest.

Depending on the plant type, sometimes less is more. I thought this fern was just perfect the way it was and deserved its own pot. 

2.       Color Variation

When choosing plants for your container garden, try to utilize a variety of plant types.  Too much of the same thing can be boring!  I'm sure you have noticed that I have chosen plants in a variety of green hues as well as numerous flower colors.

I love how the dark green leaves contrast with the bright green leaves here.  Also note the height variation as well!


I also love the contrasting pop of the pink flowers and the bright green backdrop leaves.

3.       Cool Containers

Containers of varying colors and sizes will also add pizazz to your container garden.  I have collected many pots over the years and I always try to choose containers that are unique in some way. See all my colorful pots below!

Another thing to keep in mind is that many every-day item can be utilized in a container garden besides a traditional plant pot.  In the past I have planted in cute little butter dishes and measuring cups.  Be creative!

Lastly, it is important to pay attention to the sunlight needs of the plants you’re choosing.  If your patio or deck gets 10 hours of direct sun, that would be too much for certain plant types that prefer shade only.  When purchasing plants at your local nursery, refer to the planting directions to make sure your new “living décor” won’t be too short lived! Happy planting!