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Shibori Dye Printed Home Decor - Shop The Trend

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Shibori, a textile trend that has exploded this year, is popping up all over the place.  The unique designs of shibori textiles blend cohesively in both eclectic and traditional interior spaces.  Shibori home decor items are art pieces in themselves and add such aesthetic interest to a space.

Shibori is a Japanese textile dyeing technique that dates back to the 8th century.  Over time, the textile fabrics and dyes used have expanded tremendously.  Before dyeing, the cloth is usually manipulated three dimensionally  using numerous folding, crumpling, stitching, plaiting, plucking, or twisting techniques.  Many color dyes can be utilized, but indigo dye is very prevalent.  To learn more about the art of Shibori click here and here.

Textile Designer Rebecca Atwood is an American Textile Designer who designs gorgeous dyed fabrics, including shibori.  Her process of hand dyeing is fascinating and proof that the ancient tradition of shibori is alive and well in modern textiles.  While many retailers mass produce their shibori fabrics, I really appreciate the dedication Rebecca has for the shibori technique.  You can read more abut her process here and shop her pillows and fabrics here.

Source: Burkelman

As you can see from the following photos, shibori has been utilized in many interior spaces.  I just love how shibori prints mesh so well with other patterns and styles.  Shibori prints show up in everything from wallpaper to window treatments.  Its a shibori party!  

Source: Studio McGee

I cannot get over these shibori window treatments.  So gorgeous! Blackband Design uses them often in their designs; it is easy to see why! They stye so nicely with so many prints!

Source: Blackband Design

Integrating shibori prints into your own home would not be as hard as you may think! I've compiled some of my favorite shibori finds below at a great range of price points.  Happy shopping!

a. One Kings Lane | b. Ankasa | c. Etsy - Jennifer Lesley | d. Anthropologie | e. Furbish | f. Ankasa | g. Studio Matsalla | h. Vera Wang | i. Urban Outfitters | j. John Robshaw | k. Society 6 | l. Etsy - AddisonMade | m. Furbish | n. Nordstrom | o. One Kings Lane | p. Target | q. Anthropologie | r. Society 6

Prefer to give shibori the good 'ol DIY try?  Here is a great DIY tutorial for a shibori pillow case.  Of course Pinterest is also of course a great resource for DIY project guidance. 

Source: Liz Marie Blog

Here is another great tutorial!

Source: Studio Matsalla

See some shibori home decor you adore but are unsure of how to incorporate it into your home? Let me help!