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Happy New Year!

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Sorry for being MIA-- I've been all baby all the time recently, and so the blog has been very neglected! But it is now 2017 and I hope to revive this here blog!!

In the meantime....I'll leave you with a shot of my babe-- almost 7.5 months!! How the heck is that possible?! She looks so big here!

Big Surprise and New Project Announcement!

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Big things have been happening around here! My husband and I are expecting our first child; Its a girl! We are beyond excited.  And you know what that means...I get to start a new project: A nursery!!

I will be 21 weeks this week and it is time for me to start planning the nursery design!  As I posted about last week, I am including this gorgeous rug into my little girl's nursery design plan.  I was so excited to purchase it on major sale during this past Black Friday from Joss & Main!

Source: Joss & Main 

Remember the adorable coastal nursery I designed last summer?  Little did I know it was going to be the best practice run for planning my own nursery!  In about a month or so I will reveal my nursery design board, but today I'm going to discuss my top 3 tips for designing a nursery.  

1.  Choose a design scheme that will grow with your child

This is a very key tip.  Furnishing and decorating a nursery is pricey.  It is smart to choose a design scheme that will potentially last your child for a solid number of years.  That way, you won't find the need to redecorate after only a couple years. 

2.  Keep it simple

Overdecorating is definitely a thing.  Try not to include decor in the nursery that does not actually serve a purpose.  I advise choosing one decor item to focus on and keep everything else pretty simple.  As you can see, my big focus item is the rug of dreams!

3.  Don't sacrifice safety for design

Many nursery designs you see on the interwebs include features that wouldn't be safe for an actual nursery.  For example, as cute as it is to have patterned crib bumpers, pillows, and stuffed animals in a crib, these items pose a serious hazard to a sleeping baby (read more about baby safe sleeping here).  As such, keep these cute decor items out of the crib.  You don't have to remove them from the nursery entirely, just find another cute place to display/store them such as a bookcase, dresser, or glider.  I will be sure to point out the safety features I've incorporated into the baby's nursery design.  

I hope you'll follow along with my exciting new project! Do you have a nursery decorating question of your own? Let me know!