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E-Design Reveal Photos: Transitional Living Room

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I have client reveal photos today! In my last blog post I wrote about the e-design plan for my client's transitional living room and dining room space.  Today I am going to show you some photos my client sent me of the living room portion of the design.

If you will recall, here was the final design board for the transitional living room.

And here was the BEFORE.

And here is the AFTER!!

I'd say I am most pleased with how gorgeous that chandelier looks installed! It really is a statement making light fixture.  I have always admired it, but unable to use it in my own home, I hoped that I could find a client who would love it.  Success!

I'm also thrilled with the home office arrangement.  Having such a small space to work with, there was no room for an actual desk.  The modular media center had a desk add on option that was PERFECT for my client's needs.  

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Client E-Design: Transitional Living Room & Dining Room

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Right before baby girl arrived, I designed a transitional style living room and dining room for my client Michelle's new downtown Austin condo!  Today I'm going to share the e-design process and design plan I presented to Michelle.

My client Michelle initially contacted me through to decorate the living room and dining room of her new downtown Austin condo.  The new condo was only 820 square feet, so we really needed to maximize the space for living, working, and entertaining.  Michelle wanted to keep her current sofa, recliner, and artwork, but needed help pulling the rest together.  Here are some before pictures:

I created a design plan that incorporated some items Michelle already had her eye on with fresh picks to create a cohesive and functional space.  The items of top necessity included a rug, coffee table, additional seating options; light fixture, entertainment center, work-from-home-space, and kitchen/bar storage.  Michelle gravitated toward wood tones and pops of blue, coral, and gold.

This was the first design board I compiled.

Living Room:

Dining Room:

The colorful area rug and statement making chandelier were early winners with my client Michelle! Both were items completely outside of Michelle's usual design preferences, but she absolutely loved them! I love it when that happens.  The modular entertainment center had a desk component that seamlessly incorporated a home office space.  The dining room counter height table and chairs were client picks, and I love how their sleek, modern lines balances the rest of the traditional decor.  The kitchen/bar storage wasn't quite what Michelle had in mind, so it was back to the drawing board.

Here is the first revision:

Living Room:

Dining Room:

A little throw pillow swap was requested and instead of a console table, I added leaning shelf storage units.  However, while the additional seating ottomans were well liked by Michelle, she decided to scrap them (or consider them again at a later date) and choose a larger cocktail ottoman to use as additional seating for entertaining.  The kitchen/bar storage also just wasn't right yet.

And here is the final revision:

Living Room:

Dining Room:

Instead of both leaning shelf storage units, I decided on a whim to extend the modular entertainment center that Michelle loved into the kitchen! It was a winning choice! Wall bar shelves were also just the right touch.

In all, this living room and dining room space was such a fun space to design! Now I am waiting on pins and needles for the after shots.  Stay tuned!

If you have a space that you could use some design help with, don't hesitate to reach out to me!

E-Design Reveal Photos: Blue and White Living Room

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I love when clients send me photos of their completed e-designs!  In late April I blogged about a blue and white living room and entryway project that turned out wonderfully.  When I received the snapshots of the finished space, I wanted to share them here with you!

To refresh your memory, here was the finished e-design board I presented to my client Laura.

Find more details about this project's e-design process here.  Some minor details in the design changed due to the popularity of the particular items, which caused some to sell out.  But the final space turned out very similar, if not practically identical to the e-design plan.

And here is the space today!

It is now a nice, comfortable space for entertaining and relaxing.  Thank you Laura for sending me the photos!

E-Design Reveal Photos: Girly Chinoiserie Nursery

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The time has come for my little girl's nursery reveal!  Everything turned out just as I had imagined.  The only thing missing is my little gal- less than a month to go!

Back in early March, I revealed the e-design board for my girly chinoiserie nursery.  Everything went according to my design plan perfectly! Sometimes you can be your own worst client, but I'm pleased to say for this particular project, this wasn't the case.  The vision I had in my head of my little girl's nursery came to life seamlessly.  To refresh your memory, here is my e-design board for the girly chinoiserie nursery.

  As you can see, my basic color scheme is blue, white, and pink.  I designed the entire nursery around the beautiful rug of dreams (obsessed!); it sure is a fantastic statement piece for the entire room!  Because the rug is so powerfully pink I kept other pink-colored accents to a minimum.  Navy blue was my main accent color with white furniture providing a clean contrast.  

Enough talk for now...lets get to some photos!

Girly Chinoiserie Nursery 8 -- Sarice Amiee Interiors.png

I think my favorite parts of the nursery, aside from the rug, is the beautiful moth art series by Hayley Mitchell and the adorable, gold bow knobs on the dresser.  I can see them in little girl's room as she grows up!

I hope you enjoyed my girly chinoiserie nursery reveal! Check out my Instagram for source details!  Soon I'll be taking a bit of a blogging hiatus, but once things settle down (as much as they can anyway) with our new little one, I'll be back with my weekly blogging.