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Where To Buy Affordable Wall Art

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After my husband and I moved into our home, I quickly realized that I hated empty walls.  Having moved from a 2 bedroom apartment into a 3,800 square foot house, we definitely did not own enough art to cover all those blank white walls.  Aside from furnishing the place, it became my goal to fill up those white spaces without breaking the bank.  Today I'm going to share some of my favorite places to buy affordable wall art!

Just like house plants, art breathes life and character into a home!  I knew that to make our new home feel homey and inviting, I had to focus on wall art in addition to furnishings.  When I first began my search for art, I quickly realized that art. is. expensive.  So in order to minimize the cost of curating a nice art collection, I decided up front to limit the cost of any one piece of art to fifty dollars.  Yes. Just fifty dollars.  This number was not based off anything really and was pretty arbitrary, but I wanted to stick with it.  My self imposed art price limit automatically narrowed down my art search using a few very important factors:

1) No Original Art

Original art pieces were pretty much off the table.  While I absolutely love original art works, they just did not fall under my $50 limit.  Thus, I was focused on choosing from art prints (printed reproductions of original art).  Though, sometimes I've gotten lucky and purchased original art pieces directly from local artists while traveling.

2) Unframed

For the most part, art had to be purchased unframed.  Art bought framed increases the price drastically.  I have found some exceptions, but every art piece I've purchased was unframed.  So what did I do? I learned to mat and frame my own art!  The cost of purchasing your own frames and mats to frame at home is much MUCH cheaper than paying someone else to do it.

3) Smaller art size

Obviously, the cost of art increases as the size increases.  Due to my $50 limit, I usually had to sacrifice art print size.  An 8x10 art print can still make a statement in a space with some framing tricks.  For example if you increase the mat size, an art piece can have a larger footprint on a wall and add some visual variety!  Also, compiling a gallery wall of smaller sized prints can take care of one entire wall span.

After three years of living in our home, I've become quite proud of the art collection I've curated!  Now all my hard work is now to your benefit.  Below are some of my favorite places to buy affordable wall art.

a. Cool tone abstract | b. Fern illustration | c. Landscape print |d. Poppies | e. Foliage | f. Duly noted | g. August | h. Black abstract | i. Lunar freefall 2 | j. Nazare | k. Seaweed | l. Wallmo | m. Canada jay | n. Shipping containers | o. Antibes

I can personally vouch for the quality of the art from these retailers!  Not only have I purchased art from them for my own home, but I have sourced art from them for my clients over and over again.  Now go forth and fill your walls!  If you need help curating a wall of art, you know where to find me!

Etsy Finds Vol. III: Artist Janet Hill

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It has been too long since the last Etsy Finds post! (Click here for Etsy Finds Vol. I and Vol. II) Today's Etsy find is a fantastic one!  I am excited to present Canadian artist Janet Hill!  This fab lady is one heck of an artist and I am obsessed with her work.  I have a number of her pieces in my home and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to source her work for a client design.   

Janet Hill's art is wonderfully feminine and whimsical in character.  Many of her paintings are related in a story series, which is very fun to follow when each new series painting comes out.  She also paints lovely floral still life pieces and gorgeous interior spaces.  All of her pieces are high quality giclee prints, and every now and there is usually a small selection of original work as well.  To learn more about Janet Hill and her art, check out this interview on the podcast Smart Creative Women with Monica Lee!

Last year, I fell in love with these two art prints in Janet's shop and purchased them immediately.  

Source: Janet Hill Studio

Aren't they lovely!!  I had a vision of a small gallery wall in our master bedroom over my desk/vanity space.  Her prints fit perfectly in with the group!

p.s. can you tell I love me some Kendra Scott?! #girlcrush

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite pieces from Janet's shop! Each of them would be the perfect complement to any gallery wall. 

Still Life

Source: Janet Hill Studio


Source: Janet Hill Studio


Source: Janet Hill Studio

Whimsy Scenes

Source: Janet Hill Studio

It was so hard to pick which ones to share with you!  They are all so lovely.  I also love all the clever titles of each of her works of art.  So cheeky!  Go ahead and check out Janet Hill's shop on Etsy! Also here is her website, instagram, and facebook.  I also recently discovered she has a small shop on Society 6

P.S. The other art pieces in my little vanity gallery wall include street art I've purchased on my travels, as well as two other amazing Etsy artists I will feature in upcoming Etsy Finds posts!  You don't want to miss out, so stay tuned!