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Stylish Hampers Under $100

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I've been doing a lot of planning and shopping for the nursery these days.  However fun decor aside, there are a number of necessities to be utilized that may not always qualify as "cute."  One such item includes a hamper.  From what I've been told, babies love an outfit change.  I'm anticipating about 2-3 clothing changes a day due to spit up fun times and other lovely bodily fluids I'll spare you from.  That means A LOT of laundry!  So, thus the need for a hamper.  But must we sacrifice style for said hamper? Turns out, the answer is absolutely not!!  In my search for nursery hamper, I have found many stylish hampers...all for under $100!

My own personal requirement for a hamper is that it has a lid; this makes for a much tidier look (and fresher smelling room!).  Another worthy requirement for me is that the hamper have a liner.  When your nursery is not on the same floor as the laundry facilities, it is nice to have a built-in liner to easily haul the dirty clothes up and down the stairs.  Liners can also be purchased separately if your hamper does not come with a liner; just remember to reference your hamper dimensions so you choose a liner that will fit properly.

Here are some of the stylish hampers I've found in my quest for a nursery hamper!  All under $100!  These would all look fab in any bedroom/bathroom.  If necessary, all of these hampers could also double as toy storage as well.