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Painted Cement Tile - Trendy Fad Or Lasting Classic

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A kitchen is the heart of a home.  It is a place where families gather, holidays are celebrated, and memories are made.  I grew up eating dinner as a family every night at the kitchen table and it is a tradition I hope to continue when I have children.  So, that might explain why I am so drawn to images of beautiful kitchens.  Recently I have noticed a new trend popping up all over the place in kitchen designs: painted cement tile!  I've seen it used on floors, on backslashes, and counters!  Another popular use for painted cement tile utilized is in bathrooms.  The painted patterns add great character- a personality if you will.  But the big question is if painted cement tile is just a trendy, short-lived fad or a lasting classic statement.

Cement tile is a durable material to use in the home.  Made using all natural materials, cement tile designs are hand-poured using molds.  After the mold is poured, numerous cement layers are compacted on top of each other under high pressure.  Here is a fascinating video of the entire cement tile making process.

As cement tile is porous, it must be sealed properly to stand the test of time.  You can read more about cement tile here.

All the hard work that goes into the making of cement tile is worth it once you see just how much of an impact it has in a space!  Here is a small sampling of the lovely uses of painted cement tile.


Source: Kirsten Marie 

Source: Ute Günther

Source: Studio McGee


Source: HGTV

Source: Tom Scheerer

Source: Tom Scheerer

Here are some painted cement tile designs that I am loving right now! 

a. Grow House Grow | b. Cement Tile Shop | c. Villa Lagoon Tile | d. Villa Lagoon Tile | e. Cement Tile Shop | f. Villa Lagoon Tile

Painted cement tile can be rather pricey.  A really good budget option would be to use patterned ceramic tile; the look is so similar that aside from the material differences, it would be hard to tell the difference!  This is the ceramic tile used in the fab kitchen below.  Talk about a kitchen with personality!

Source: Hi Suarplum

There is no doubt that painted cement tile makes a fabulous statement in a home, but what do you think?  Trendy, short-lived fad or a lasting classic statement?