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5 Tips To Make Your Home More Cozy This Winter

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Well, it seems winter temperatures have arrived here in Central Texas! As a California native, it was quite a shock to experience such cold! I didn't even own a wool coat!  I now have grown to appreciate and love a cozy, warm home during the winter months.  Today I have some tips on how to make your home more cozy this winter!

Utilize one or all of these tips to increase the coziness of your home this season! 

1.  Pile On The Blankets

I absolutely love snuggling up under a soft, plush blanket on cold nights! My kitten doesn't hate it either!!  My personal favorite cozy blankets are these Threshold microplush blankets from Target.  Many colors to choose from! 

cozy 1.JPG

Source: Target

Last year I purchased a few of them and keep them at the ready in a basket in the living room.  I bought them in twin size, which is perfect for two people.  I also found a king size fleece blanket at HomeGoods this fall and it is so cozy on our bed.

Here are some other lovely, and inexpensive, blankets from Target that would up the coziness factor at your home!

a. Target | b. Target | c. Target | d. Target | e. Target | f. Target

Another retailer I love to purchase blankets from is Pottery Barn.  While their options are more expensive than target, the quality is always superb.

2.  Light a Fire

Growing up in California, I can count on one hand how many times we lit our fireplace.  We can't light up our living room fireplace because it wouldn't be safe for our overly curious kitty.  However, that won't stop me from admiring other folks' lovely fireplaces! A crackling fire just screams cozy.  Make sure before lighting your fireplace you practice good safety!

3.  Ambiance Lighting  

In addition to lighting your fireplace, take into consideration other lighting.  If you have your lights on a dimmer, turn them down for cozier ambiance.  Light some candles and spread them around the room, or you can group them together for a cozy statement.  I personally love the flameless LED candles.  They look and sometimes smell just like real candles, but are much safer!  These flameles candles from Pottery Barn are my favorite.

Source: Pottery Barn

4.  Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets take your cozy, warm bed to the next level! Just trust me on this.  Unfortunately, because I have a super warm-blooded husband, there will be no flannel sheets for us this winter.  But I do know the power of good flannel sheets and they are a must for a winter warm bed.  These or these are great flannel sheet options.

5.  Make comfort food

There is something so cozy about yummy smelling food when you first walk in the door.  Whether it be baking cookies or simmering soup, it is the best homey feeling!  One of my favorite good smelling, comfort foods to make is chili.  My husband and I found a fool-proof recipe in our beloved Cook's Illustrated cook book and it is our go-to for a cozy evening at home.  Just add wine and a movie and you have a stay at home date night!  Here is the recipe (I make it in a dutch oven not a crock pot).  Cozy comfort food at its best!

Source: The Parsley Thief adapted from Cook's Illustrated

I hope you all enjoy this cozy, chilly, holiday season!