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"Sarice is extremely attentive and responsive, does a great job of finding options within budget, and made great use of color. Several items I would have never found, nor selected myself, made working with an e-designer completely worth it. Her rug and chandelier selections were the items I would have never chosen, that were great values, and have added much needed style to our space. Sarice does a nice job balancing your needs with your requirements. She helped me validate some items I had already found myself and worked around some of my existing furniture to finish the space. For a lower cost designer, she hit all the right notes that I needed to help me get comfortable with the items I planned to purchase for my new condo. I recommend  Sarice as an e-designer to get your feet wet with design guidance without spending an arm and a leg ...."


"When I first thought of working with an interior designer I had a few apprehensions; one being that we may not be on the same page aesthetically speaking and the other being unsure if they would maximize our budget efficiently. Sarice Amiee was able to do both of these things successfully. After I received her easy to use shopping list she invited me to speak with her about any thoughts on critiquing the direction of the design or products she had chosen. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to change one thing. I was on board with everything she had chosen and I could tell our creative vision was coming together perfectly. She also was able to find great deals on products and wrote in her notes on the shopping list when particular web sites were having sales. This helped us keep the budget to a minimum... I can say I'd recommend her services to anyone needing high quality, easy to use, and affordable design services. It was truly a pleasure working with Sarice Amiee Interiors and now my son has a fun and visually stunning playroom to cultivate creativity and learning. Thank you!"


"Sarice is an absolute pleasure to work with! After discussing my needs and design tastes, Sarice put together a gorgeous design for a living room/entry way in my new home. Not only was it a fantastic design, but she got it to me very quickly and was very quick to respond to any questions I had along the way. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again!"

-L K

"When I first learned of Sarice Amiee Interiors, I was not sure that I could grasp the idea of on-line design since I am not a millennial and not as tech-oriented. I decided to try it, and was so impressed with the design, and with the visual images of the design layout, colors, and links to products, I was able to envision the end result. Sarice Amiee Interiors is a unique and modern approach to interior design, and I have been very impressed with the result. I re-designed my den, which was a challenging project since it is a small space. The design i received and implemented took into account the space limitations and created a bright and vibrant design. I am thrilled!"


"It was a pleasure to work with Sarice Amiee Interiors for our new condo when downsizing from North Austin to the downtown area. We wanted to overhaul our styling and start from scratch on the décor - meaning, we really didn't know what we wanted :). She really helped lead us down the right path to finalize the whole living room and dining area to ensure the spacing, sizing, and styling were all cohesive in the smaller space and that all elements played together. Her design boards and layouts were very helpful in guiding our ultimate decisions and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out. And perhaps most importantly, she couldn't have been closer to the budget we put in place. Thanks!"


Sarice Amiee Interiors in Austin, TX on Houzz
Sarice Amiee Interiors in Austin, TX on Houzz
Sarice Amiee Interiors in Austin, TX on Houzz